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Remotely Control Your Lighting

   * Packed with features other modules don't offer
   * Use with any standard household lamp up to 400 watts
   * 32 different fading on & off rates and on-levels
   * Pass through receptacle on the front for other un-controlled electrical devices
   * Codes are electronically set (no code wheels) and remembered even if unplugged!
   * Scene-enabled and 2-Way communicating
   * Installation can't get any easier -
   * just plug it into any outlet

Essential Info
Make your home the ultimate in sophistication with the LampLinc, the most intelligent X10 lamp module! This lamp module not only does everything traditional X10 lamp modules do - including remote on/off control as well as remote dimming/brightening - it pushes the envelope into entirely new territory by incorporating features previously found on our flagship line of SwitchLinc dimmers and switches. In fact, until now many of these features had never been seen in economically-priced lamp modules. If you have installed an INSTEON (patent pending) network in your home or are planning to do so in the future, use the LampLinc V2 dimmer instead, as this module can be assigned either an X10 or an INSTEON address.

Pass-Through Outlet
In addition to the X10-controlled outlet, LampLinc offers a non X10-controlled outlet on the face. Now you won't have to unplug your lamp modules just to find a place to plug-in the vacuum cleaner.

Scene Capability
Choose the LampLinc Plus or LampLinc 2-Way, and it can remember different light settings for different situations. For example, send an X10 command for a custom scene (i.e. "Movietime," "Party," "Romance," etc.) and all the LampLincs that are programmed for that scene will adjust accordingly.

Status LED
Get a visual indication when LampLinc is sending or receiving X10 signals.

Higher Wattage Rating
Rated for 400 watts, the LampLinc is 30% more powerful than most other lamp modules on the market.

Durable Construction
Address is set electronically, rather than using old-fashioned address wheels, which are less sturdy and can be too small to easily adjust.

Preset Dimming
LampLincs recognize the PRESET dim command offered by many home automation computer interfaces and systems. Using this command, your LampLinc is able to come on to any one of 32 dim levels. For example, after watching a movie, a table lamp plugged into a LampLinc can come on to 16% brightness. Now, you can make you way out of the room without being blinded by the lamp coming on at full brightness.

Soft Start or Resume Dimming
LampLincs include the Soft Start feature that gradually brings lights up over a user-defined period of time (from an instant 1/10 of a second to over nine minutes). The soft start feature creates an eye-pleasing fade-in effect that prolongs bulb life. Additionally, for the scene enabled LampLincs, each scene address can have its own independent ramp rate for the ultimate in scene lighting!

Another feature is the choice between using Resume Dim or Preset Dim Level. Resume Dim turns lights on at the dim level at which they were set when they were last turned off. An alternative to using the Resume Dime feature is Preset Dim, which is the lighting level the LampLinc will always turn on to when switches in locally or remotely. Each scene address in the LampLinc 2-way can have its own independent Preset Dim level.

Status Request Load Monitoring
Need to provide feedback to X10 intelligent controllers confirming that the X10 signal was received? Then choose our top-of-the-line LampLinc 2-Way. It even determines if the electricity is being drawn by the load, so if you have a burnt out light bulb, your intelligent controller will know that the light isn't on. No other two-way lamp module offers that flexibility!

New Other: we have only taken out of the box for photo and to verify full functionality, tested out fine!

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